About Us

Who We Are

SFO Holdings LLC was established by a group of trading and investing enthusiasts with unique set of skills in financial markets and information technology. By combining the knowledge of the financial markets with principals of computer programming and data processing we were able to create a new approach to market signal publishing, and screening of the financial markets.


How is it done

Every day there is a tremendous amount of work being performed behind the scene to collect vast amount of data for all publically traded securities. Our subscribers then are given the access to this data with the most flexible interface to use this data to select stocks or options based on any criteria imaginable. The data we collect is also used in determining performance of all the signals published on our site.

Finally, we strive hard to deliver to you the best stock screener online. It’s the only screener that gives you access to all data we collect every day and giving you our customer ability to construct virtually any custom stock screening criteria.


Why are we doing It

Our ultimate mission is to create a market place for trading and investing ideas, as well as to create a truly limitless stock and options screener, giving the investor community the ability to select securities based on virtually any imaginable criteria.

We hope you enjoy this site, and all of the relevant information we provide for you. It’s no secret that many online investors lose money. With our website, we try to help you get on the winning side of the financial market.

Please review our Risk Disclosure, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you start using our site.

We also encourage you the give us your feedback, tell us how we can improve our site and what additional information you would like to see available.

Thank you and happy trading!