How to Publish Signals

To publish signals customers first should create a Strategy. Strategy is our way to group signals. Strategies are like folders where one publisher can create multiple strategies and publish different signals for different strategies. It makes sense to have some kind of logical reason why different signals are published and grouped into different strategies. For instance if a publisher decided to publish both Forex and Stocks signals it could be a good idea to create two different strategies since some subscribers will be only interested in Forex signals or only interested in Stocks signals.


To publish signals via customer must take the following steps:


  1. Register and create an account with;
  2. Verify e-mail address. System will send customer an e-mail with a link to verify e-mail address;
    1. Also customers can use Confirm E-mail button on the Customer’s Account page to verify the e-mail address.
  3. Create a strategy – On the Strategy page click on the Add Strategy button to add a strategy.
  4. Once created strategy will have Status PENDING. Pending strategies are not visible to other customers.
  5. Strategy has to be approved by Administrator;
  6. Once strategy is approved, it becomes visible to other customers and other customers can subscribe to that strategy.
  7. Now signals can be published by using the Add Signal button the Signal Page or by sending special format e-mails to our Signal Mail Gateway.
  8. Documentation on how to send the signal e-mail can be requested by writing an e-mail to