What are the Strategies

To publish signals customers first should create a Strategy. Strategy is our way of organizing signals by any meaningful classification, i.e. instrument category, trading stile or timing, duration, etc. Strategies are like folders where one publisher can create multiple strategies and publish different signals types for different strategies. For instance if a publisher decided to publish both Forex and Stocks signals it would be a good idea to create two different strategies since some subscribers will be only interested in Forex signals or only interested in Stocks signals.


SFOsignals.com is using Strategies as a way of grouping signals. As signals are generated system will calculate and shows cumulative performance of the Strategies (percentage of profitable trades, overall performance, etc.) and customers that are looking to subscribe to signals actually subscribing to strategies. When signals are published they are published within a strategy and anybody who is subscribing to that strategy will receive that signal.

One signal publisher may choose to crate multiple strategies and place signals into different strategies based on