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  1.     Data API.   Subscribe to SFO Data API to receive current market prices for Stocks and Forex. You can receive current bids and offers in JSON format using http web calls.

  2.     Publish your trades.   You can publish your own signals, many customers are paying for profitable signals.

    • To publish your first signal go to the Signals page and click on the Add Signal button. System will keep track of your signals performance and in one month your strategy will become available to others to subscribe.

    • Once you start publishing your signals you will be able to specify the monthly subscription fee that you would like to charge for your signals.

    • We collect these fees, and pay it out monthly.

  3.     Subscribe to Profitable Strategies.   You can subscribe to signals published by other SFOsignals users.

    • So far the best strategy on is:

    ASG-004 Bullish Cross

    Time Active: Signals Generated: 2717
    Profitable Signals: % Total Return: 6706.90% | $156,788.46

  4.     Compete against other traders.   You can also participate in our trading competitions, we run Weekly Forex Competitions. Top players can win cash prizes or a chance to manage our investment fund, click here to check it out: "Active competition is not". Here are the top 5 players in our current competition:

  5. Name Closed Trades Net Pips
    choicefx 238 1005071.0
    choicefx 6816 374113.3
    dataray 3724 105516.2
    tom.mks17 126 85633.2
    dataray 523 48188.1

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