How can I create a new query?

  • at 2014-11-17 09:14:45 To create a new query customer should login and click on the Query Builder link on our menu. Each query consist of multiple lines of query selection criteria linked by logical AND (&&) or logical OR (||). Each line of selection criteria consist of Left and Right Logical Statement connected by Logical Operator (=, >, <, etc.). Customers should click on a Logical Statement to construct it. In the pop up Query Elements Window, customers will be able to choose any of the data elements we collect or enter a number. Customers could also enter a formula consisting of Data Elements and or numbers, for instance, the following constructs would be valid Logical Statements: PE Ratio or (Bid – Ask) or (Previous Close /EPS Estimate Next Year). Please feel free to experiment, you can try to create as many different queries as you wish.