How to create a first scan

  • at 2014-11-21 03:21:03

    To create a new scan please follow these easy steps:

    1. First you need to Sign Up to SFOscanner, you will be registered automatically as soon as you finish filling up the registration page.
    2. Login into the SFOscanner using the login and password you just created.
    3. Click on the Scan Builder link on the main menu
    4. In the Scan Builder page you should have a first scan condition row appear on the screen empty.                
      1. Let’s start typing the word dividend in the LEFT LOGICAL STATEMENT. As you start typing the word dividend, the option Dividend Yield will appear on the Data Element Dropdown;
      2. Select that option;
      3. Now let’s fill out RIGHT LOGICAL STATEMETN. Click inside the RIGHT LOGICAL STATEMENT (field with the red frame) and type in the number 6 and press ENTER;
    5. Let’’s add a second condition to this scan.
      1. On the right side of the first condition row click on ADD link.
      2. Now you should see a second row added. In the LEFT LOGICAL STATEMENT start typing market. Select Market Capitalization the dropdown list and in the RIGHT LOGICAL STATEMENT field enter a number 100000
    6. Click on the button RUN below.
    7. You should see a selection of the companies that yield move then 6 percent with market capitalization of over 100,000 million dollars.
    8. Now change the logical condition between the LEFT and RIGHT LOGICAL STATEMENTS from > (greater then) to < (less then) and hit RUN again.
    9. You now should see the companies that pay out 6% in dividends with market capitalization below 100,000 million dollars