Making it easier to register and try

  • at 2014-11-28 10:49:46

    We've made a few changes to the way our site can be accessed.

    • Registration will no longer require new customers to give us their valid e-mail address, and if you do, we won't make you validate that address to log into our site. Customers will be able to login as soon as they create new account.
    • Now customers can login using either their e-mail or user_name.
    • We also have created a Guest Scan page in the public portion of our site where anybody can try our scans. By clicking on a RUN button next to the scan name you'll be able to run one of our public scans and see their results.

    We also have added comments functionality to What's New, How To and FAQ pages of our site to improve communication with our customers. We will be reviewing your comments and hopefully getting new ideas on how to make our site better for everyone.