Getting Started

  • at 2015-06-10 23:37:41 is built to share financial ideas, recommendations, we call these ideas market signals. System currently can accept and publish signals for Stocks, Forex and Options that’s the reason the site is called SFOsignals. Anybody can publish signals or subscribe to signals published by others, all you have to do is register. We partner with signal publishers, if you have a successful trading strategy you can publish your trades as signals, we will do the rest, we will promote your signals and market your strategy to traders and investors worldwide looking for ideas. When people subscribe to your strategy we will collect the subscription fees and deliver them to you the publisher, minus our commission. There are many web sites that publish signals or alerts and promise to make investors a fortune, but realistically there is rarely a real track record or consistent reporting to give investor an idea how a given strategy would perform or what is the long term performance you can expect. SFOsignals is designed to solve this problem. When a signal is created system will use independent third party market price to determine entry or exit levels, thus signal publishers cannot manipulate the results of their signals and therefore all returns you see on our site are true and call it Honest Market Signals. SFOsignals will record and tabulate returns of all the signals and publish historical performance of all strategies available on our site to all the customers to see.

    Selecting a strategy is probably the most important part of using, select one that suites your needs and your trading philosophy, it is not enough to just look at the a simple return you should pay attention to the overall percentage of the signals with positive results, risk/reward ratio, average life of the signals, etc. Do your homework, do your own due diligence and always consult market professionals before making any trading or investing decision.

    It is very easy to publish signals using, here are the steps one needs to take to get started:

    • Registration – first to do anything on our site, publish or subscribe you will need to register. Registration is quick and easy. Make sure you verify your email address by clicking on the link in registration confirmation email.
    • Once you are registered you need to create a strategy. In SFOsignals all signals are organized into strategies. When you publish a signal you will need to specify what Strategy this signal belongs to and when people subscribe to receive your signals they actually subscribe to a Strategy, and then receive all the signals published under that's Strategy.
    • To create a strategy you need to click on the STRATEGIES link on our main menu and on the Strategies page click on ADD STRATEGY button in the upper right corner of the page.
    • On the Add Strategy page you can give it a name, describe the overall idea for this strategy and specify subscription fee and projected return.
    • Each strategy has to be approved by the site administrator before it becomes visible to other customers.
    • Once strategy is created you can publish signals by going to the SIGNALS page on our site. There is an ADD SIGNAL button in the upper right corner, click on that button and you will see Add Signal page.
    • Add Signal page is self-explanatory, you will understand how it works if you ever used any computer trading system. First you have to select a market category: Stocks, Forex or Options. Then you need to select what strategy this signal will belong to, the rest is simple, enter symbol, entry type and price, stop loss, limit take profit, etc.
    • If your trading system is automated and you want to submit your signals to without manually entering your signals one by one you can do that by submitting your signals via SFO email gateway. You can request instructions on how to submit signals via email by sending an email request to
    • Once you publish the signal you can monitor it by going to the Signals page on our site. There you will see all the signals that you published as well as all the signals from the strategies you subscribe to. There you can modify or close existing signals.
    • There is only one button on the right side of each signal: SELECT. When you click on the Select button you will see a pop up window with all the actions available to you for that particular signal.

    That’s it, this is in a nutshell the main functionality of our site. Please let us know what you think, let us know how we can improve this site. Email us at


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