How to become a signal publisher

  • at 2015-10-15 10:31:32

    Any customer of could become a signal provider. Here are the steps that have to be taken to become a signal publisher:


    1. Register with;
    2. Verify e-mail address – system will send you an e-mail with a link to verify the email address used for registration. Find that email and click on email verification link.
    3. Create a strategy – On the Strategy page click on the Add Strategy button to add a strategy.
      1. When creating a strategy you can specify a name, and short description of the strategy. You can also specify how much you would want to charge for subscription to your strategy.
    4. Once created, a strategy will have Status PENDING. Pending strategies are not visible to other customers but you can start publishing signals while Strategy status is Pending.
    5. Strategy has to be approved by Administrator;
    6. Once strategy is approved, the status will change to Active and it will become visible to other customers and other customers will be able to subscribe to that strategy.
    7. Now signals can be published. We have two options for generating new signals. 1) By using the ADD SIGNAL Button on the Signals Page or 2) By sending a special e-mails to our Signal Mail Gateway. Emails have to adhere to our signal publishing format.
      1. Documentation on how to send the signal e-mail can be requested by writing an e-mail to
    8. For people that use MT4 platform to trade Forex or CFDs SFO can offer a script that can automatically generate sand emails to our Signal Mail Gateway when orders are created on MT4 platform.