Receiving signals via Telegram

  • at 2016-01-10 20:58:19

    How to receive signals using Telegram:


    1. In the Telegram Contacts Tab search for SFOsignals.
    2. System should find @sfosignals_bot, select it.
    3. In the Telegram chat window system should generate the following message: /start or there should be the following text: Start or Restart Bot.
      1. If Start / Restart Bot text appears, click on that text.
    4. If nothing appears in the chat window type: /start and hit enter.
    5. You should see a message from with a link to activate your Telegram account, that message will also contain the activation code.
    6. Click on the link and enter the activation code on the Activation Page. Click the Confirm button.
    7. Your Telegram account should be activated now and you will start receiving our signals via Telegram messaging service in additional to the emails.
    8.  To stop receiving SFO signals via Telegram Messenger just type /stop in Telegram Chat window for SFOsignals_bot.