S. F. O.

SFO stands for Stocks, Forex and Options. On our site you can publish or subscribe to signals for all these markets. When signals are submitted by any provider to SFOsignals.com we use current market prices to book the open or close price of the signal. Publishers cannot manipulate the results of their signals. The results of signals published by SFOsignals.com are real. SFOsignals.com acts as an independent agent to calculate and tabulate results of all signals and strategies. You can trust the data you see on our site. Check out the list of strategies available to our customers

You can also use our market scanning functionality to search to stocks or options trading or investing opportunities. You can use any of the technical and fundamental parameters we collect to create any scan you want. Our unique interface gives customers ability to create complex queries using simple interface. Click here to check out our pre-programed Public Scans.