Stock Scanner

Our website is designed to help the investors in the process of selecting stocks based on different financial parameters.

There are over 25 thousand publically trading stocks in US and until now there was no easy way to selects stocks if you are not a professional money manager. There many financial stock screeners available online, but most of the existing screeners are very basic and do not give customers any kind of flexibility in specifying a trading strategy or detailed screening parameters. Our website is designed to give customer maximum flexibility. We collect many fundamental and technical parameters for all publically traded stocks and give our customers the ability to use all these parameters in building their own stock queries.

Here are some of the features of SFO Scanner:

  • Use fundamental or technical criteria;
  • Use our unique interface to build complex queries easer;
  • Select any parameter or parameters from the list of available options;
  • Use our pre-built standard queries as examples to help you get started;
  • Many pre-defined screens like: Growth, Value, etc., are available to all our customers;
  • Search all 25,000 companies that are trading on US equity markets;

To get started, register with us and run one of the public queries you’ll find on your Query List. You can also click on the Query Builder link to build your first query.

And remember we would love to hear from you, please give us your feedback or ask questions, we will reply to your message within 24 hours.