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SFO Signals is designed to enable exchange of trading and investing ideas, we call these ideas Signals. Our site is built to bring together signal publishers and signal subscribers. We also provide market scanning tools.

PUBLISHER - You can make money by publishing your trading ideas using SFOsignals.com. If you have a successful strategy, you can publish your trades as signals and SFOsignals will deliver your signals to thousands of customers looking for trading ideas. If you want people to pay for your trading signals you can specify what subscription fee you want to charge. SFOsignals will collect these fees and pay it to you after subtracting our share.

SUBSCRIBER - If you are looking for trading ideas, you can select one of the many successful Strategies that are available on the SFOsignals.com. When new signals are published these signals will be delivered to your mail box. Some publishers charge subscription fees, some don`t go to the Strategies page and select a Strategy you like.

HONEST PERFORMANCE - We record performance of all signals using prices from independent sources. Publishers cannot change prices where their signals were open or closed. They also cannot delete signals or add signals after trades take place. Therefore publishers cannot manipulate the returns their Strategies show. You can trust the information you see on our site. SFOsignals.com acts as an independent agent to calculate and tabulate results of all signals and strategies. You can trust the data you see on our site. Check out the list of strategies available to our customers

COMPETITIONS - We also run trading competitions on our site. Winners will receive cash prizes, top trades will be also given a chance to trade our capital. Click here for the list of Active Competitions

SFO stands for Stocks, Forex and Options. On our site you can publish or subscribe to signals for all these markets.

SCANNER - You can also use our market scanning functionality to search to stocks and options trading or investing opportunities. You can use any of the technical and fundamental parameters we collect to create any scan you want. Our unique interface gives customers ability to create complex queries using simple interface. Click here to check out our pre-programed Public Scans.

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Receive signals using Telegram
2016/01/10 21:02

How to receive signals using Telegram

Signal publishing Gateway
2015/09/13 12:04

SFOsignal publishin Gateway is now available to all customers.

SFOsignals and SFOscanner merged
2015/08/08 12:41

SFOsignals and SFOscanner are not merged into one site.

New price source for Forex data
2015/06/10 23:56

New data source for Forex has been implemented.

SFOsignals.com is Live!
2015/05/02 22:48

SFO family is expanding, in addition to the SFOscanner.com we now have SFOsignals.com running and available to everyone!

We moved to a new, more powerful hosting.
2015/01/18 23:58

SFOscanner is growing and to accommodate increased load we've moved to a new hosting.

Making it easier to register and try SFOscanner.com
2014/11/28 10:49

Changes to how people can register, login and try our scans