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New Data API Service was added to SFOsignals

Our Data API can be used to receive current bids and offers for any stock or forex symbol. It’s simple and powerful. Our API utilizes html protocol and returns data in JSON format. Check out http://sfosignals.com/api/plans for more information

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We’ve added Stock and Forex competitions

Now any trader can register for one of our weekly competitions. You can play for free, you can also win cash prizes. Just register and enter your trading signals. See how you perform against other traders. Check out http://sfosignals.com/leader_board for more information.

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SFOsignals has new mobile friendly website design

SFOsignals has new mobile friendly design. Our site is now faster, with intuitive navigation. And it works great regardless of the browser or devise used to access the site.

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Receive signals using Telegram

SFOsignals has integrated Telegram messaging services to send and receive messages.

Now, in additioan to receiving signal alerts via email SFOsignal customers can receive signals via Telegram instant messaging service. These messages are faster and more reliable then traditional emails and should give our customers ability to react quicker to the signls that we publish.

Customers can also communicate back with SFOsignals staff by sending us the Telegram messages.

2016-01-10 21:02:50     Comments 0

Signal publishing Gateway

SFOsignal publishin Gateway is now available to all customers. We finished beta testing our signal publishing Gateway. Now any customer that is generating signals automatically can submit these signals to our Gateway in real time. For more information please contat our Support Team at: support@sfosignals.com


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SFOsignals and SFOscanner merged

SFOsignals and SFOscanner are not merged into a single site. Now our customers can subscribe and publish signals as well as scan the stock market all in one place. All the functionality of SFOscanner is not available to all our SFOsignals customers for free.

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New price source for Forex data

New data source for Forex has been added. it is faster, more reliable and has better spreads.

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SFOsignals.com is Live!

SFOsignals.com is turned on! SFO family is expanding, in addition to the SFOscanner.com we now have SFOsignals.com running and available to everyone, offering our customers the ability to share investment and trading ideas. You can read more about our new site here: http://blog.sfoscanner.com/?p=48

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We moved to a new, more powerful hosting.

SFOscanner is growing and to accommodate increased load we've moved to a new hosting. Our customers should see immidiate improvement in performance fo the SFOscanner website.

2015-01-18 23:58:58     Comments 0

Making it easier to register and try SFOscanner.com

We've made a few changes to the way our site can be accessed.

  • Registration will no longer require new customers to give us their valid e-mail address, and if you do, we won't make you validate that address to log into our site. Customers will be able to login as soon as they create new account.
  • Now customers can login using either their e-mail or user_name.
  • We also have created a Guest Scan page in the public portion of our site where anybody can try our scans. By clicking on a RUN button next to the scan name you'll be able to run one of our public scans and see their results.

We also have added comments functionality to What's New, How To and FAQ pages of our site to improve communication with our customers. We will be reviewing your comments and hopefully getting new ideas on how to make our site better for everyone.

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Auto Scan Functionality.

Auto Scan - SFOscanner customers now can select any scan they have on their Scan List and system would run that scan for them automatically each morning.

System would determine what new companies were added to the scan results and what companies were no longer on the scan results list. System would also generate an e-mail informing customer of these changes.

On the Auto Scan History page customers will be able to select any Auto Scan results and see the companies that were added to the list and were removed. 

We encourage you to try Auto Scan and see for yourself how it works.

2014-11-17 03:51:57     Comments 0

We’ve added Options scanning capabilities.

We’ve added options scanning capabilities to our site. Now SFOscanner customers can search for options contracts based on price, expiration date, open interest, etc. There are very few tools available to online options traders and SFOscanner is very proud to bring options scanning tools to the online investment community.

2014-11-17 03:51:22     Comments 0

SFOscanner.com is live!

After about 6 month of work we finally flipped the switch. SFOscanner is up and running! Now anybody interested in investing can search for trading opportunities using our site. And it is free to all users!

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